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High Maintenance Bracelet Set | White

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Maybe it's the house planning, but when I see Marble and Gold, I think high maintenance, and I'm okay with that.

The pair together deserve to be high maintenance. They are sleek, trendy, modern yet classic, and everything else. They are timeless and are sure to match most of your outfits!

These bracelets 5 different stretch bead bracelets. Each bracelet is unique and a different color. This makes this bundle easy to pair with many outfits! This bundle includes: a gold disc bracelet, a white multi faceted bead bracelet, a marble round ball bead bracelet bracelet, and a 2 gold cube bead bracelets.

  • Gold disc bracelet
  • White multi faceted bead bracelet
  • Marble round ball bead bracelet
  • 2 gold cube bracelets
  • Stretch bracelets

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